Jimmie Johnson Shows Heart Off The Track With Foundation

Any racing enthusiast will tell you that Jimmie Johnson is a force to be reckoned with out on the race track. Competitors will tell you that he is one of the fiercest competitors to ever tackle the NASCAR circuit. However, the man known as JJ is also dedicated to improving the lives of children from all over the country. He and his wife Chandra started the Jimmie Johnson to assist the needy families that could use a little help. When it Read the rest of this entry »

Danica Patrick Has To Learn To Let Go

Apparently, Danica Patrick needs to learn to let things go when it comes to racing. Patrick has been quite vocal about what she thinks is unfair treatment on the racetrack from fellow driver David Gilliland.

Last week, Gilliland remarked that Patrick needs to keep her thoughts to herself and race. At the STP 400 in Kansas, Danica told her team over the radio that she was going to go after Gilliland if he does not stop trying to take her out of the race. After the race, Gilliland responded Read the rest of this entry »

Matt Kenseth Says Points Penalty Is Too Severe

Recently, Matt Kenseth and Joe Gibbs Racing were harshly penalized when NASCAR ruled his car failed post-race inspection. This was one of the stiffest penalties in the history of NASCAR. The car failed inspection because it was ruled that one of the connecting rods was too light.

Kenseth said that being docked fifty-points in the standing was deeply unfair but was more upset about the penalties given to Joe Gibbs and to Jason Ratcliff who is Kenneth’s crew chief. Joe Gibbs was also docked fifty points and received a six-week suspension. In addition Read the rest of this entry »

Stiff Penalties Given to Matt Kenseth

On April 21st, Matt Kenseth won his race at Kansas Motor Speedway. Unfortunately, during a post race inspection, an illegal engine part was discovered. The part in question, is a connecting rod. According to Nascar rules, connecting rods should weigh at least 525 grams; the rod found in Kenseth’s vehicle weighed 522.3 grams.

Consequently, Nascar levied severe penalties against Kenseth and his team. The organization took away 50 points from Kenseth in the standings. His crew chief, Jason Ratliff, was banned for six races and fined 200,000. Joe Gibbs, the owner of the team Kenseth races for, had his owner’s license revoked Read the rest of this entry »

What Makes Jimmie Johnson’s Number 48 Chevy So Fast

As all NASCAR fans know, Jimmie Johnson is one of the fastest drivers almost every week. However, the secret to his speed relies on multiple factors. Here are some the reasons why Jimmy Johnson’s number 48 Chevy is so fast.

Most of the credit has to go to his team. NASCAR vehicles are complicated, and small factors can make a big difference on the track. Johnson’s team is able to tweak his engine to achieve maximum performance, and they are Read the rest of this entry »

What Green, White, Checkered Means

Green, white, checkered is similar to overtime in other sports. This condition happens when the required number of laps would be completed if the race was not in a caution state. Because drivers are not allowed to pass during caution, it is unfair to end the race in that condition.

Instead of ending the race without a winner, the green, white, checkered rule allows racers to continue driving until they get the green flag. Competition resumes under the green flag and drivers have to complete two more Read the rest of this entry »